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what is progressive education?

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

― john dewey

“The child is not an empty bottle to be filled, but rather a source with overflowing springs of life.”

– Maria Montessori

Progressive Education and Montessori

Progressive education is a philosophy that emphasizes the individual needs and interests of the child. It focuses on learning by doing and active exploration rather than rote memorization. the montessori philosophy is a type of progressive education because it is

  • Child-Centered: education revolves around the child’s natural curiosity and pace of learning.
  • Activity-Based Learning: emphasizing hands-on experiences, materials and projects engage students and solidify concepts.
  • Teacher as Guide: The teacher acts as a facilitator, guiding and supporting the child’s exploration, not simply delivering information.

Montessori’s Uniqueness:

While sharing these core ideas, Montessori also has some distinct features:

  • Specialized Materials: The classrooms are equipped with unique, self-correcting materials designed to promote independent learning.
  • Mixed-Age Groups: Students of different ages learn together, fostering peer learning and mentorship.
  • Long Work Periods: Children have uninterrupted time to delve deeply into chosen activities.

Maria Montessori’s approach fits squarely within the progressive education movement. Her meticulously designed classrooms and emphasis on individual exploration make Montessori a distinct, yet strong, branch of progressive education.

below are a few resources that give a brief look into our educational philosophy